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Brief Details of Amar Asom Newspaper

Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) G. L. Agarwalla
Publisher G. L. Publications Ltd.
Editor Prasanta Rajguru
Founded 21 April 1995
Political alignment Centre-Left
Language Assamese
Category name Assamese Newspaper
Headquarters Guwahati, Assam
Circulation 70,434
Sister newspapers The North East Times

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How to Download the Amar Asom ePaper PDF 

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About Amar Asom Newspaper

With its first issue being published in 1997, the paper has received better reviews over the years. Amar Asom is a well-known newspaper that has gained popularity in both Assam itself and in the entire North East. It is a daily newspaper that is published in Assamese. The publishing house of the Amar Asom newspaper is G.L. Publications Ltd. The Headquarters of this publication house is located in Guwahati. The newspaper is currently being published in two places- Guwahati and Jorhat. Amar Asom has a daily circulation of over 70k copies! The newspaper is widely trusted by the people of the state for its thorough cover of national, local, sports, and entertainment news. Amar Asom has a few sister publications including Purvanchal Pahari and The Meghalaya Guardian.

Amar Asom ePaper PDF Download Table

The table that is provided below contains links to download the issues of different days of the Amar Asom ePaper PDF. Previous issues of the Amar Asom ePaper PDF up to a month are available for downloading. You can also download the most recent Amar Asom ePaper PDF by choosing the link on top. This is because these links are updated each morning at 7 AM. These ePaper PDFs are light in weight and can be easily stored. They can also be edited according to the requirements of the reader. Now, carefully surf through the table of links and locate the particular issue of the Amar Asom ePaper PDF:

03 March 2024 Download
02 March 2024 Download
01 March 2024 Download
29 February 2024 Download
28 February 2024 Download
27 February 2024 Download
26 February 2024 Download
25 February 2024 Download
24 February 2024 Download
23 February 2024 Download
22 February 2024 Download
21 February 2024 Download
20 February 2024 Download
19 February 2024 Download
18 February 2024 Download
17 February 2024 Download
16 February 2024 Download
15 February 2024 Download
14 February 2024 Download
13 February 2024 Download



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Amar Asom is a newspaper that belongs to a Guwahati-based publishing house and is Assamese. The language in which it is printed is Assamese.

Currently, the editor-in-chief of the Amar Asom newspaper is Manoj Kumar Goswami.

The very first issue of the Amar Asom newspaper was printed back on 21st April 1997.

The Owner of the Amar Asom newspaper is G.L.Agarwalla, also the owner of Publications Ltd.