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About Dainik Bhaskar ePaper & Company

Type Daily ePaper (Newspaper)
Formate Broadsheet, PDF
Owner DB Corp Ltd.
Founder Ramesh ji
Publisher Bhaskar Group
Founded In 1948, 72 years ago
Language Hindi
Head Quarters Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Circulation Daily 4,320,781 unite (as of July–December 2018)
Website www.bhaskar.com

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This could be very clean because the Dainik Bhaskar ePaper simply differentiates between NEWS and OPINION. What is focused on? Good analysis of present-day issues. Issues of countrywide and international importance. Parliamentary Debates.

About Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper

Dainik Bhaskar ePaper is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper that is the largest circulated daily newspaper in India. It is owned by Dainik Bhaskar Group (D B Corp Ltd.), the largest Print Media Company in India. Started in Bhopal in 1958, it multiplied in 1983 with the launch of Dainik Bhaskar’s Indore edition. Today, Dainik Bhaskar Group is present in 14 states with 63 editions in Hindi, English, Marathi, and Gujarati.

By 1995, Dainik Bhaskar had emerged because of the 1 newspaper in Madhya Pradesh (MP)and become declared the fastest-growing every day in India through a readership survey. The newspaper decided to extend out of doors MP and identified Jaipur, the capital metropolis of Rajasthan, as the marketplace with the highest ability. In 1996, Dainik Bhaskar’s aim becomes to enter Jaipur as the No. 2 newspaper (in terms of movement) on its first day, with 50,000 copies. To attain this target, an in-house crew of 700 surveyors surveyed 200,000 potential newspaper households in Jaipur. Based on survey feedback, they went lower back to each of the households surveyed to show them a prototype of the newspaper and gave them the option of an increased subscription.

The clients had been supplied a subscription charge of? 1.50 (a discount compared to the newsstand rate of ? 2), and money back in case of dissatisfaction. When Dainik Bhaskar was released in Jaipur on 19 December 1996, it turned into the No. 1 newspaper using selling 172,347 copies. Dainik Bhaskar’s is a Hindi-dialect day using the day everyday paper dispensed in India. It has 19 versions in seven states and one union area masking 167 regions. It has a direction of round million copies. Rajasthan Patrika, the former leader had a circulation of around 100,000 copies at that time.

Dainik Bhaskar ePaper correctly followed a similar version in other cities of Rajasthan, including Jodhpur, Bikaner, Kota, Udaipur, and Ajmer Sikar, becoming the No.1 city newspaper of the complete state by using 1999. The next goal was Chandigarh. It released a patron survey in January 2000, overlaying 220,000 families. At that time, the English-language newspapers in Chandigarh outsold the Hindi newspapers sixfold, with The Tribune as the leader with a move of about 50,000 copies.

Dainik Bhaskar’s survey cautioned that citizens of Chandigarh preferred English newspapers due to fine perceptions. As a result, the newspaper incorporated the local Chandigarh dialect inside the design, mixing Hindi and English. Dainik Bhaskar was released in Chandigarh in May 2000 with 69,000 copies bought making it No.1 within the metropolis.

Why Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper?

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