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Brief Details of Dinamani Newspaper

type Daily newspaper
Format PDF
Publisher The New Indian Express Group
Founded 1934
Political alignment Right
Language Tamil
Headquarters Tamil Nadu
Website www.dinamani.com

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31 March 2024 Download
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About Dinamani ePaper PDF

The Dinamani newspaper is published in the whole of Tamilnadu and Sam's surrounding areas. It is published daily and is a part of the New Indian Express Group of Companies - the same company also responsible for the publication of New Indian Express and Kannada Prabha. This newspaper title was established as far back as in 1934. The first Dinamani issue was published on 11th September of that year and had 8 pages. Every Sunday the Dinamani Kathir, an included magazine, is distributed with the issue. This magazine is really popular among all age groups of Tamil readers. The current editor of the Dinamani newspaper is K. Vaidyanathan.

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  • Access the newspaper from anywhere in the world: Dinamani is mostly distributed in Tamilnadu and nearby regions. People living in other parts of India can only receive this newspaper if they specifically request it - and the copies might be delayed or might get damaged. But by accessing the Dinamani PDF download links you can receive these papers instantly on the same page and even better quality than your relatives back in South India!

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