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Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet Divya Himachal Tabloid Himachal This Week
Owner(s) Divya Himachal Prakashan India Private Limited / Bhanu Dhamija
Founder(s) Bhanu Dhamija (Chairman and Managing Director )
Publisher Anil Soni for Divya Himachal Prakashan India Private Limited
President Manjit Chopra (2018)
Editor-in-chief Anil Soni
Founded 29 December 1997
Language Hindi English
Headquarters Divya Himachal, Kangra-Pathankot Marg, Old Mataur, 176 001.,
Himachal Pradesh, India
Sister newspapers Magazines – Himachal This Week, Aastha(Saturdays), Utsav(Sundays), Competition Review(Wednesdays)
OCLC number +911892264713
Website www.divyahimachal.com

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How to Download the Divya Himachal ePaper PDF?

You can download the Divya Himachal ePaper PDF within just seconds by carrying out the following process. The free Divya Himachal newspaper PDF download process is a simple 4-step process that takes only about 3-5 seconds to complete. All you will require to carry out this ePaper PDF download process is a stable internet connection on your device along with a PDF reader. A PDF editor is also required as it will help you in making necessary edits and changes to your downloaded ePaper PDF. These ePaper PDFs are of high quality but take up minimum space. With the help of the steps given below, you can now download not one but multiple ePaper PDFs! Let us now take a closer look at the Divya Bhaskar newspaper PDF download process:

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  • Step Two: The second step includes searching thoroughly through the table of links to locate the exact Divya Himachal ePaper PDF issue that you are looking for. The links have been arranged according to the date on which they were issued. 

  • Step Three: The third step is simply clicking on this link or the download button near it. Once you've done this, the Divya Bhaskar ePaper PDF download process will begin immediately and it will take around 3-5 seconds to get completed.

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More About Divya Himachal Newspaper

Divya Himachal is a popular Hindi newspaper read widely in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Punjab. The Divya Himachal publishing group is the largest in Himachal Pradesh. Currently, it has four editions - Shimla, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Dharamshala. Launched in 1997, his newspaper group’s head is Bhanu Dhamija who is also a famous author. He was born in Uttar Pradesh but spent a large part of his life in the USA. The head office of the Divya Himachal is in Matour where the first printing press for this newspaper was established. Later another printing press for the Divya Himachal newspaper was set up in Baddi, in 2017. The editor-in-chief of the Divya Bhaskar is Anil Soni, wbu is known to have worked in many large publications as well. The Divya Himachal Group also operates on various social media platforms and has its TV channel. The Divya Himachal Group has been able to reach over 25 lakh people.

Divya Himachal ePaper PDF Download Table

The following table contains all the links for downloading the Divya Himachal newspaper PDFs. The links have been listed according to their date of issuing. The link for downloading the latest issue of the Divya Himachal newspaper PDF can be found at the top. If you want to download the older issues of this newspaper you have to scroll further down below. These ePaper newspapers can sometimes be very useful for students preparing for competitive examinations as they need to stay updated on the current affairs of the country. Surf carefully through the links listed below and download the Divya Himachal newspaper PDF of your choice:

March 2024Download
February 2024Download
January 2024Download
December 2023Download
November 2023Download
October 2023Download
September 2023Download
August 2023Download
July 2023Download
June 2023Download
May 2023Download
April 2023Download



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Divya Himachal is a newspaper of Himachal Pradesh that is published in Hindi.

The founder and owner of the Divya Himachal Group are Bhanu Dhamija, also known for his book ‘ Why India Needs a Presidential System’.

The editor-in-chief of the Divya Himachal newspaper is Anil Soni. He has worked with Lokmat and Jan Sandesh in the past.

Currently, Divya Himachal has a total of four editions- Shimla and Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Apart from these two it also had two more editions namely Chandigarh and Punjab.