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However, Ei Samay is only one of countless newspapers and magazines in Bangla that vernacular readers from around the world must follow to get a true view of Bengali literature and journalism. We have provided you with a list of other such newspapers that you can check out from our library below!

Brief Details of Ei Samay Newspaper

Type Online news portal
Format Digital
Owner(s) The Times Group
Publisher The Times Group
Editor hirak Bandyopadhyay
Founded 15 October 2012 (Daily Newspaper)
Language Bengali
Country India
Circulation 243,273 Daily (as of December 2019)
Sister newspapers The Times of India
The Economic Times
Navbharat Times
Maharashtra Times
Vijaya Karnataka
Website www.eisamay.com

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About Ei Samay Newspaper

Launched in 2012, Ei Samay Newspaper is a modern-age digital newspaper founded by The Times Group and published in the Bengali language. It is published by Bennett, Coleman, and Co. Ltd and edited by Hirak Bandyopadhyay presently. 

The newspaper is evening to enter into a direct competition with Anandabazar Patrika and Bartaman. News articles and entertainment journalism published in Ei Samay are mostly targeted at the age group between 20 to 35. It is tactfully divided into several sections including Ei Muhurta (focusing on financial news and analysis), Ei Sahar (focusing on geographical and cultural news about Kolkata), Ei Rajya (focusing on West Bengal), and Khelar Samay (a section dedicated to sports news).

Top Bangla ePapers and Magazines For Students To Read in 2024

Bangla is known for his general love for good language and statistics-based storytelling. This approach naturally improves the quality of newspapers and magazines produced in West Bengal. As someone fortunate enough to understand the Bengali language, there are some newspapers and magazines you should make a habit of reading regularly.

  • Anandabazar: This is one of the oldest and the most popular newspapers in West Bengal. It has a vast leadership of different age groups and is popular not only in big cities like Kolkata and Siliguri but also in nearby villages, towns, and suburbs. Find a detailed archive of Anandabazar Patrika on ePaperPDFHub for free.

  • Uttarbanga Sambad: This newspaper is an important read because it focuses on the most neglected part of West Bengal - its North. Uttarbanga Sambad successfully captures the unique culture and development problems of people living in Coochbehar, Gorumara, Alipurduar, etc. The newspaper also covers stories from Western Assam, North Bihar, and Sikkim.

  • Bartaman: A top competitive Anandabazar Patrika, Bartaman is also available as free ePapers on our website. Bartaman is a Bengali daily that is published in Siliguri, Burdwan, and Midnapore as well! The newspaper was founded in 1984 and has a circulation of 635,296 every day (an average). It once used to be a strict anti-communist newspaper which was known for its egalitarian democratic ideology.

  • Anandamela: Published by the ABP group, this is one of the oldest magazines in Bengal. It is published every 14 days. Anandmela was founded in March 1975 and since then has been a legendary magazine that has housed the works of some of the most eminent literary and artistic personalities in the history of Bengal. It is also been the parent of some of the most popular series and novels including Feluda Comics, Ekenbabu, Asterix Translated, etc.

  • Desh Patrika: This magazine is published on the second and the 17th of each month and is a patent of the Anandabazar Patrika Group. It even predates Anandamela, having been founded as early as on 24th November 1933. The first editor of this magazine was none other than Satyendranath Majumdar. It not only publishes top-class literature in Bengali and English from writers around the world but also gives space to creative nonfiction, political commentary, and economic analysis.

Download Other Bengali Newspaper

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The official website of Ei Samay Newspaper which publishes many free news articles every day is www eisamay.com.

The Ei Samay Newspaper is an offspring of The Times Group and is a Bengali sister newspaper to the Times of India.

One copy of Ei Samay is currently priced at 2.50 INR.

Ei Samay is currently headed as the editorial chair by Hirak Bandyopadhyay.