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About The Statesman Newspaper & Company

TypeDaily ePaper (Newspaper)
FormatBroadsheet, PDF
OwnerThe Statesman Limited
FounderRobert Knight
PublisherThe Statesman Limited
EditorRavindra Kumar
Head Quarters4 Chowringhee Square, Kolkata, 700001
CirculationDaily 180,000 unit (as of Jan-June 2017)

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The Statesman PDF – March 2021

01 March 2021:

17 Feb 2021:
16 Feb 2021:
15 Feb 2021:
14 Feb 2021:
13 Feb 2021:
12 Feb 2021:
11 Feb 2021:
10 Feb 2021:
09 Feb 2021:
08 Feb 2021:
07 Feb 2021:
06 Feb 2021:
05 Feb 2021:
04 Feb 2021:
03 Feb 2021:
02 Feb 2021:
01 Feb 2021:

The Statesman PDF – Jan 2021

31 Jan 2021:
30 Jan 2021:
29 Jan 2021:
28 Jan 2021:
27 Jan 2021:
26 Jan 2021:
25 Jan 2021:
24 Jan 2021:
23 Jan 2021:
22 Jan 2021:
21 Jan 2021:
20 Jan 2021:
19 Jan 2021:
18 Jan 2021:
17 Jan 2021:
16 Jan 2021:
15 Jan 2021:
14 Jan 2021:
13 Jan 2021:
12 Jan 2021:
11 Jan 2021:
10 Jan 2021:
09 Jan 2021:
08 Jan 2021:
07 Jan 2021:
06 Jan 2021:
05 Jan 2021:
04 Jan 2021:
03 Jan 2021:
02 Jan 2021:
01 Jan 2021:

The Statesman PDF – Dec 2020

31 Dec 2020:
30 Dec 2020:
29 Dec 2020:
28 Dec 2020:
27 Dec 2020:
26 Dec 2020:
25 Dec 2020:
24 Dec 2020:
23 Dec 2020:
22 Dec 2020:
21 Dec 2020:
20 Dec 2020:
19 Dec 2020:
18 Dec 2020:
17 Dec 2020:
16 Dec 2020:
15 Dec 2020:
14 Dec 2020:
13 Dec 2020:
12 Dec 2020:
11 Dec 2020:
10 Dec 2020:
09 Dec 2020:
08 Dec 2020:
07 Dec 2020:
06 Dec 2020:
05 Dec 2020:
04 Dec 2020:
03 Dec 2020:
02 Dec 2020:
01 Dec 2020:

The Statesman PDF – Nov 2020

30 Nov 2020:
29 Nov 2020:
28 Nov 2020:
27 Nov 2020:
26 Nov 2020:
25 Nov 2020:
24 Nov 2020:
23 Nov 2020:
22 Nov 2020:
21 Nov 2020:
20 Nov 2020:
19 Nov 2020:
18 Nov 2020:
17 Nov 2020:
16 Nov 2020:
15 Nov 2020:
14 Nov 2020:
13 Nov 2020:
12 Nov 2020:
11 Nov 2020:
10 Nov 2020:
09 Nov 2020:
08 Nov 2020:
07 Nov 2020:
06 Nov 2020:
05 Nov 2020:
04 Nov 2020:
03 Nov 2020:
02 Nov 2020:
01 Nov 2020:

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Why The Statesman Newspaper?

The Statesman Epaper has stayed dedicated to liberal values for well over a century. Its coverage enjoins editors to withstand all sorts of tyranny and also to encourage the Constitution, particularly the chapter on basic rights. This coverage was mentioned by the newspaper to justify its resistance to the inner Emergency of 1975 and it had been clearly one of a couple of books that refused to bend or creep at the face of serious restrictions set on this Press.

Over the years of its existence, The Statesman Epaper has directed attempts to populate and modernize associations of this Press. This had been a founding member in the Indian Newspaper Society, and also lent the Society area in its own Delhi construction for at least 15 decades and before the INS Building was inaugurated in 1956.

About The Statesman Newspaper

The Roots of The Statesman Epaper lie with the Friend of India, a newspaper Launched by a Baptist missionary, William Carey at Serampore (West Bengal) from the early 19th century.

Even though a series of evangelical zeal was obvious in a number of the places taken from The Friend of India (founded 1818), its own function in denouncing the practice of Sati and its ferocious attacks on the habit of infanticide — that involved children being thrown to the sea in the right time of their yearly Ganga Sagar Mela — were equally noteworthy.

It was found an ally at Governor-General, Lord William Bentinck, that shot up the conflict and outlawed sati, then deployed particular officers into the mela to make sure that no children have been thrown to the sea.

Back in January 1875, Robert Knight had established The Statesman Epaper with financing from 24 retailers. By that moment, the pal of India was facing acute distress. A amount of Rs 30,000 switched handsand Knight purchased the buddy of India.

Then he altered its book from Serampore into Calcutta. For almost eight decades, both newspapers were printed concurrently until in 1883, the pal of India was integrated together with The Statesman and for so several decades, the newspaper called itself”The Statesman and Buddy of India.”

While British possessed before the 1960s, The Statesman Epaper endeared itself to subscribers using its target policy of the famines of 1877 and 1943, However, more than anything else, it had been Robert Knight’s affinity with Indian ambitions which resulted in his — as well as the newspaper’s — vociferous support for a motion known as the Indian National Congress that started in Bengal and spread around India.

As was listed after Knight’s death, his participation to the Congress trigger was two-fold; he”confessed into the correspondence along with several columns of his newspaper that a constant chain of articles and letters about the reform of this government and he followed up these with a single glorious top article after a second.” The Indian-owned Press has been effusive in his praise if he expired and also called it a public calamity.

The newspaper was subsequently led by Alfred Watson, that was knighted in 1932, and it was he that had been responsible both to its change of The Statesman’s surgeries to its division in 4 Chowringhee Square, Calcutta along with also the initiation of the New Delhi edition of this newspaper, an invention which gave the newspaper a broader geographic spread than every newspaper on the planet.

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