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Prabhat Khabar Epaper Pdf

About Prabhat Khabar Newspaper & Company

TypeDaily ePaper (Newspaper)
FormatBroadsheet, PDF
OwnerNeutral Publishing House Limited
FounderGayan Ranjan
EditorAshutosh Chaturvedi
PublisherNeutral Publishing House Limited
FoundedAugust 1984
Head QuartersRanchi, Jharkhand, India
CirculationDaily 1,349,000 unit (as of Jan-June 2017)

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Prabhat Khabar PDF – March 2021

01 March 2021:

17 Feb 2021:
16 Feb 2021:
15 Feb 2021:
14 Feb 2021:
13 Feb 2021:
12 Feb 2021:
11 Feb 2021:
10 Feb 2021:
09 Feb 2021:
08 Feb 2021:
07 Feb 2021:
06 Feb 2021:
05 Feb 2021:
04 Feb 2021:
03 Feb 2021:
02 Feb 2021:
01 Feb 2021:

Prabhat Khabar PDF – Jan 2021

31 Jan 2021:
30 Jan 2021:
29 Jan 2021:
28 Jan 2021:
27 Jan 2021:
26 Jan 2021:
25 Jan 2021:
24 Jan 2021:
23 Jan 2021:
22 Jan 2021:
21 Jan 2021:
20 Jan 2021:
19 Jan 2021:
18 Jan 2021:
17 Jan 2021:
16 Jan 2021:
15 Jan 2021:
14 Jan 2021:
13 Jan 2021:
12 Jan 2021:
11 Jan 2021:
10 Jan 2021:
09 Jan 2021:
08 Jan 2021:
07 Jan 2021:
06 Jan 2021:
05 Jan 2021:
04 Jan 2021:
03 Jan 2021:
02 Jan 2021:
01 Jan 2021:

Prabhat Khabar PDF – Dec 2020

31 Dec 2020:
30 Dec 2020:
29 Dec 2020:
28 Dec 2020:
27 Dec 2020:
26 Dec 2020:
25 Dec 2020:
24 Dec 2020:
23 Dec 2020:
22 Dec 2020:
21 Dec 2020:
20 Dec 2020:
19 Dec 2020:
18 Dec 2020:
17 Dec 2020:
16 Dec 2020:
15 Dec 2020:
14 Dec 2020:
13 Dec 2020:
12 Dec 2020:
11 Dec 2020:
10 Dec 2020:
09 Dec 2020:
08 Dec 2020:
07 Dec 2020:
06 Dec 2020:
05 Dec 2020:
04 Dec 2020:
03 Dec 2020:
02 Dec 2020:
01 Dec 2020:

Prabhat Khabar PDF – Nov 2020

30 Nov 2020:
29 Nov 2020:
28 Nov 2020:
27 Nov 2020:
26 Nov 2020:
25 Nov 2020:
24 Nov 2020:
23 Nov 2020:
22 Nov 2020:
21 Nov 2020:
20 Nov 2020:
19 Nov 2020:
18 Nov 2020:
17 Nov 2020:
16 Nov 2020:
15 Nov 2020:
14 Nov 2020:
13 Nov 2020:
12 Nov 2020:
11 Nov 2020:
10 Nov 2020:
09 Nov 2020:
08 Nov 2020:
07 Nov 2020:
06 Nov 2020:
05 Nov 2020:
04 Nov 2020:
03 Nov 2020:
02 Nov 2020:
01 Nov 2020:

The Prabhat Khabar epaper Download Links In PDF

Here we have shared the download link of this Prabhat Khabar epaper in PDF format. We will update the webpage every day following 07:00 am. In case you have any issues associated with downloading, please remark us under [email protected]

Why Prabhat Khabar Newspaper?

This might be very clear because the PRABHAT KHABAR NEWS honestly differentiate between NEWS and OPINION. What is focused on? A good assessment of modern problems. Issues of countrywide and international importance.

Parliamentary Debates. Government rules and orders. But whilst you observe it you feel it take an excessive amount of time and for the candidate who is getting geared up for any competitive exam its very tough for them to present this amount of time in their everyday schedule, so for them its an easy method to read this newspaper smartly.

About Prabhat Khabar Newspaper

Established in 1984, Neutral Publishing House Ltd. Is India’s leading media and communications group, in most cases active inside the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal. Apart from its flagship logo is Prabhat Khabar, the enterprise also gives Media Education Services, Radio, Event & Outdoor, Internet, Value Added Services through Mobile and publishes a weekly rural newspaper. Is more than just a newspaper.

It is people’s voice and soul too. A pure form of journalism which by no means compromises in reporting pleasant and inside the conventional values and ethics of journalism. Today Prabhat Khabar is counted some of the very high-quality and ranked 7th (IRS Q4 2012) amongst all Hindi dailies in India. It has shown the highest readership boom among the pinnacle 10 Hindi dailies of India. A sheer acknowledgment of the editorial initiatives often sets the schedule for the Governance and keeps tune of the issues which can be important to the reader’s life.

Prabhat Khabar is outlined and circulated from Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Dhanbad, Deoghar, Patna, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Gaya, Kolkata & Siliguri. The publication house has launched famous radio stations called Radio Dhoom in Jharkhand.

With its extraordinarily palatable and unique program content material it has extremely joyful the city as well as rural listeners and even makes use of the local Chotanagpuri dialect to the delight of its massive fan following. A weekly newspaper focused on the rural population. It contains Panchayat-orientated news, records, and problems which include empowerment of Panchayat people, monitoring and analysis of their development work, records on government schemes, incorporation of better Panchayat members, etc.

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This e-paper is shared just for the educational purpose of the students. We suggest that if you can subscribe to the paid version then please do not download the pdf out of here. You can visit The Prabhat Khabar’s official website and purchase The Prabhat Khabar Epaper pdf paid version and encourage the writer. Otherwise, the grade of this newspaper will deteriorate.

We are not the owner of this paper and we are sharing the downloadable link, which is already available on the official website. This copy is only published for educational purposes.

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