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Punjab Kesari Epaper Pdf

About Punjab Kesari Newspaper & Company

TypeDaily ePaper (Newspaper)
FormatBroadsheet, PDF
OwnerThe Hindsamachar Limited
FounderThe Hindsamachar Limited
PublisherThe Hindsamachar Limited
EditorVijay Chopra (Jalandhar) & Ashwani Kumar Chopra (New Delhi)
Head QuartersJalandhar & Delhi, India
CirculationDaily 1,159,489 unit (as of Jan-June 2017)

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Punjab Kesari Epaper PDF – Feb 2021

21 Feb 2021:
17 Feb 2021:

16 Feb 2021:
15 Feb 2021:
14 Feb 2021:
13 Feb 2021:
12 Feb 2021:
11 Feb 2021:
10 Feb 2021:
09 Feb 2021:
08 Feb 2021:
07 Feb 2021:
06 Feb 2021:
05 Feb 2021:
04 Feb 2021:
03 Feb 2021:
02 Feb 2021:
01 Feb 2021:

Punjab Kesari Epaper PDF – Jan 2021

31 Jan 2021:
30 Jan 2021:
29 Jan 2021:
28 Jan 2021:
27 Jan 2021:
26 Jan 2021:
25 Jan 2021:
24 Jan 2021:
23 Jan 2021:
22 Jan 2021:
21 Jan 2021:
20 Jan 2021:
19 Jan 2021:
18 Jan 2021:
17 Jan 2021:
16 Jan 2021:
15 Jan 2021:
14 Jan 2021:
13 Jan 2021:
12 Jan 2021:
11 Jan 2021:
10 Jan 2021:
09 Jan 2021:
08 Jan 2021:
07 Jan 2021:
06 Jan 2021:
05 Jan 2021:
04 Jan 2021:
03 Jan 2021:
02 Jan 2021:
01 Jan 2021:

Punjab Kesari Epaper PDF – Dec 2020

31 Dec 2020:
30 Dec 2020:
29 Dec 2020:
28 Dec 2020:
27 Dec 2020:
26 Dec 2020:
25 Dec 2020:
24 Dec 2020:
23 Dec 2020:
22 Dec 2020:
21 Dec 2020:
20 Dec 2020:
19 Dec 2020:
18 Dec 2020:
17 Dec 2020:
16 Dec 2020:
15 Dec 2020:
14 Dec 2020:
13 Dec 2020:
12 Dec 2020:
11 Dec 2020:
10 Dec 2020:
09 Dec 2020:
08 Dec 2020:
07 Dec 2020:
06 Dec 2020:
05 Dec 2020:
04 Dec 2020:
03 Dec 2020:
02 Dec 2020:
01 Dec 2020:

Punjab Kesari Epaper PDF – Nov 2020

30 Nov 2020:
29 Nov 2020:
28 Nov 2020:
27 Nov 2020:
26 Nov 2020:
25 Nov 2020:
24 Nov 2020:
23 Nov 2020:
22 Nov 2020:
21 Nov 2020:
20 Nov 2020:
19 Nov 2020:
18 Nov 2020:
17 Nov 2020:
16 Nov 2020:
15 Nov 2020:
14 Nov 2020:
13 Nov 2020:
12 Nov 2020:
11 Nov 2020:
10 Nov 2020:
09 Nov 2020:
08 Nov 2020:
07 Nov 2020:
06 Nov 2020:
05 Nov 2020:
04 Nov 2020:
03 Nov 2020:
02 Nov 2020:
01 Nov 2020:

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Why Punjab Kesari Hindi Newspaper?

Punjab Kesari is a Hindi daily newspaper published from many Facilities in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Delhi in India. It is possessed by the Punjab Kesari group also Called The Hind Samachar Ltd.

With a readership of 12.23 million subscribers in line with the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2017. Punjab Kesari is the seventh most read Hindi language newspaper along with the thirteenth most read newspaper across all lanaguages. It was launched in 1965 and created by Lala Jagat Narain. After his assassination, his older son Romesh Chander had obtained over. But he too was assassinated in 1994.

The management of Punjab Kesari has also launched, Shaheed Parivar Fund (martyrs’ welfare fund) to offer help to the terrorism-affected households.

About Punjab Kesari Hindi Newspaper

The majority of the Stocks of this Hind Samachar Limited is split one of four members of Chopra household: Vijay Kumar Chopra, Managing Director of this Hind Samachar along with the mind of the household retains 32.67% shares in the organization, his spouse Swadesh Chopra retains (13.01%) along with his sons Avinash Chopra (26.38%) along with Amit Chopra (26.37%) stocks in the business.

The Chopra household is the promoter of the business and retains in jointly 98.43% stocks of The Hind Samachar Limited. The rest of the stocks i.e. 1.55percent are broken up amongst 144 associates (aside from promoters).

It’s very important to notice that Ms. Swadesh Chopra, the spouse of Vijay Kumar Chopra passed out in 2015. However, in accordance with the MCA recordings of shareholding routine (FY 2015-2016), she holds 13.01% stocks. No data is available about the transfer of stocks to every member of their household.

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