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Brief Details of Jansatta Newspaper 

Newspaper Name Jansatta
ePaper Format PDF
Category name Hindi ePapers
Language Hindi
Official Website epaper.jansatta.com

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About Jansatta Newspaper

Jansatta is a well-known Indian daily newspaper. It is a Hindi language newspaper which is known for its special editorial style. It is a Delhi-based newspaper. However, it has gained a huge reader base in all of India and it is now being published in various states of India. It has become one of the most-read Hindi newspapers in the country. It was first launched in 1983 by Prabhash Joshi, a well-known journalist in Delhi. It was established by Indian Express Limited, which is one of the largest news publishing companies in India. It gained popularity within a few months of its launch and many new editions were subsequently launched. Currently, apart from Delhi, it is also being published in Kolkata, Raipur, and Chandigarh. Jansatta covers all Political, finance, economic, industry, sports, and entertainment-related news. Currently, the editor of Jansatta is Mukesh Bharadwaj. 

How to Download the Jansatta Newspaper PDF 

The Jansatta ePaper today PDF download process has been simplified and broken down into the following quick steps. Each of the download steps has been explained in detail below. The Jansatta free newspaper PDF download process will take only about 3-5 seconds to finish. You can download more ePaper PDFs in the same way. All you will require before you begin the Jansatta ePaper PDF download process is a good internet connection on the device on which you are downloading the ePaper PDF, like your laptop, PC, or smartphone. You also need to have a PDF viewer and editor installed on your device. This will help you to not only access the newspaper PDFs but also edit them according to your personal needs.

Let us now take a closer look at the step-by-step Jansatta free newspaper download process: 

  • Start by scrolling down on this article. Continue doing so until you locate the table of links. Here you will find that all the links for downloading the various issues of the Jansatta ePaper PDF have been listed.

  • Once you've reached the table of links, start browsing through these links and locate the particular Jansatta ePaper Today PDF issue that you want to download. You will find the latest issues of the newspaper towards the top of the table.

  • Since you've already located the exact link for the Jansatta ePaper PDF issue that you were looking for, all you have to do now is click on the Download Link button provided near the link itself. The Jansatta free newspaper PDF download process will begin immediately.

  •  After only a few seconds you will notice that your Jansatta Today ePaper PDF has successfully been downloaded! Access the downloaded ePaper PDF by double-clicking on it and reading it at any place and time of the day! 

Why Choose The Jansatta ePaper PDF? 

Jansatta is a well-known Hindi newspaper that covers all Political, sports, business, and finance-related news, and reading it can be an excellent source for getting information about all the recent developments taking place in our country and also abroad. It can help students to know more about the current affairs of India. If you want to improve your Hindi language skills, Jansatta can help you a lot. You can enhance your vocabulary by reading the Jansatta ePaper PDF daily. Choosing this newspaper PDF over the physical copy of the Jansatta newspaper can help you reduce pollution and the cutting down of trees. Newspapers use ink which uses harsh chemicals that can cause pollution. Downloading the Jansatta free newspaper PDF online is also a more affordable choice. 

Latest Jansatta ePaper PDF Links 2024

In the following table, you will find the links that are going to help you download the different issues of the Jansatta newspaper. The links are secure and can be used to download ePaper PDFs for free. The most recent issues of the Jansatta ePaper PDF can be found at the very top of the table. This is because the ePaper PDFs are updated every morning at 7 AM. Continue browsing through the links provided below and download the Jansatta ePaper PDF of your choice: 

Jansatta epaper – Mar 2024

03 Mar 2024: Download Now02 Mar 2024: Download Now01 Mar 2024: Download Now

Jansatta epaper – Feb 2024

29 Feb 2024: Download Now28 Feb 2024: Download Now27 Feb 2024: Download Now26 Feb 2024: Download Now25 Feb 2024: Download Now24 Feb 2024: Download Now23 Feb 2024: Download Now22 Feb 2024: Download Now21 Feb 2024: Download Now20 Feb 2024: Download Now19 Feb 2024: Download Now18 Feb 2024: Download Now17 Feb 2024: Download Now16 Feb 2024: Download Now15 Feb 2024: Download Now14 Feb 2024: Download Now13 Feb 2024: Download Now12 Feb 2024: Download Now11 Feb 2024: Download Now10 Feb 2024: Download Now09 Feb 2024: Download Now08 Feb 2024: Download Now07 Feb 2024: Download Now06 Feb 2024: Download Now05 Feb 2024: Download Now04 Feb 2024: Download Now03 Feb 2024: Download Now02 Feb 2024: Download Now01 Feb 2024: Download Now

Jansatta epaper – Jan 2024

31 Jan 2024: Download Now30 Jan 2024: Download Now29 Jan 2024: Download Now28 Jan 2024: Download Now27 Jan 2024: Download Now26 Jan 2024: Download Now25 Jan 2024: Download Now24 Jan 2024: Download Now23 Jan 2024: Download Now22 Jan 2024: Download Now21 Jan 2024: Download Now20 Jan 2024: Download Now19 Jan 2024: Download Now18 Jan 2024: Download Now17 Jan 2024: Download Now16 Jan 2024: Download Now15 Jan 2024: Download Now14 Jan 2024: Download Now13 Jan 2024: Download Now12 Jan 2024: Download Now11 Jan 2024: Download Now10 Jan 2024: Download Now09 Jan 2024: Download Now08 Jan 2024: Download Now07 Jan 2024: Download Now06 Jan 2024: Download Now05 Jan 2024: Download Now04 Jan 2024: Download Now03 Jan 2024: Download Now02 Jan 2024: Download Now01 Jan 2024: Download Now

Jansatta epaper – Dec 2023

31 Dec 2023: Download Now30 Dec 2023: Download Now29 Dec 2023: Download Now28 Dec 2023: Download Now27 Dec 2023: Download Now26 Dec 2023: Download Now25 Dec 2023: Download Now24 Dec 2023: Download Now23 Dec 2023: Download Now22 Dec 2023: Download Now21 Dec 2023: Download Now20 Dec 2023: Download Now19 Dec 2023: Download Now18 Dec 2023: Download Now17 Dec 2023: Download Now16 Dec 2023: Download Now15 Dec 2023: Download Now14 Dec 2023: Download Now13 Dec 2023: Download Now12 Dec 2023: Download Now11 Dec 2023: Download Now10 Dec 2023: Download Now09 Dec 2023: Download Now08 Dec 2023: Download Now07 Dec 2023: Download Now06 Dec 2023: Download Now05 Dec 2023: Download Now04 Dec 2023: Download Now03 Dec 2023: Download Now02 Dec 2023: Download Now01 Dec 2023: Download Now

Jansatta epaper – Nov 2023

30 Nov 2023: Download Now29 Nov 2023: Download Now28 Nov 2023: Download Now27 Nov 2023: Download Now26 Nov 2023: Download Now25 Nov 2023: Download Now24 Nov 2023: Download Now23 Nov 2023: Download Now22 Nov 2023: Download Now19 Nov 2023: Download Now18 Nov 2023: Download Now17 Nov 2023: Download Now16 Nov 2023: Download Now15 Nov 2023: Download Now14 Nov 2023: Download Now13 Nov 2023: Download Now12 Nov 2023: Download Now11 Nov 2023: Download Now10 Nov 2023: Download Now09 Nov 2023: Download Now08 Nov 2023: Download Now07 Nov 2023: Download Now06 Nov 2023: Download Now05 Nov 2023: Download Now04 Nov 2023: Download Now03 Nov 2023: Download Now02 Nov 2023: Download Now01 Nov 2023: Download Now

Jansatta epaper – Oct 2023

31 Oct 2023: Download Now30 Oct 2023: Download Now29 Oct 2023: Download Now28 Oct 2023: Download Now



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Indian Express Group Is one of the largest news publishing companies in India. It owns the Jansatta newspaper.

Vijay Kumar Jha is currently the editor of the popular Hindi newspaper Jansatta.

Some of the best and most-read Hindi newspapers In India include- Dainik Jagran, Dainik Bhaskar, and Janasatta.

The Jansatta free newspaper PDF can be downloaded easily with the help of the links provided in the table. Click on the download link button to download the Jansatta Epaper PDF.