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Brief Details of Kashmir Times Newspaper

TYPE Daily
FORMAT Broadsheet
OWNER(S) Kashmir Times
FOUNDER(S) Mr. Ved Bhasin
PUBLISHER Kashmir Times
FOUNDED 1954 (as weekly)
1964 (converted to daily)
HEADQUARTERS Srinagar, Jammu
SISTER NEWSPAPERS Dainik Kashmir Times (Hindi edition)
Jammu Prabhat (Dogri daily)
WEBSITE www.kashmirtimes.com

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How to Download the Kashmir Times ePaper PDF?

The Kashmir Times free newspaper PDF download method is extremely simple. All you will need to complete the Kashmir Times ePaper PDF download is an internet connection on the device you're working with and some basic storage space on the same device. The Kashmir Times ePaper PDF is pretty lightweight and won't take up much of your device's storage space. The Kashmir Times ePaper PDF download process is very quick and will be completed within just a few seconds. Let us now read the steps given below carefully to carry out the Kashmir Times ePaper PDF download process effortlessly.

  • First Step: The first step is to scroll down and locate the table of links. Once you've found the table you'll notice that this table contains many links to separate dates. These are the free links that will help you to download the different Kashmir Times ePaper PDF issues.

  • Second Step: The second step is to carefully surf through the list of links provided in the table and locate the particular issue of the Kashmir Times ePaper PDF that you want to download. The table contains links for downloading both the previous and the latest issues of the Kashmir Times newspaper PDF. 

  • Third Step: Now that you've found the exact Kashmir Times ePaper PDF issue that you've been looking for, click on the download button near the link. Once you've clicked on the download button, the Kashmir Times ePaper PDF download process will begin immediately. The ePaper PDF will get downloaded within 3-5 seconds at most.

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More About Kashmir Times Newspaper

Kashmir Times is a popular English-language newspaper that is published daily in the state of Kashmir in India. It is a very popular and trusted newspaper of the State. The reason for this is that it is one of the oldest newspapers in Kashmir which is still published to date. It is also one of the most highly circulated newspapers in Kashmir. Almost two million people are active readers of the Kashmir Times newspaper. The paper was first launched in 1954. The founder of the Kashmir Times was Mr. Ved Bhasin. It was launched as a weekly newspaper at that time. It was only 10 years later in 1964, that the Kashmir Times started publishing daily. The newspaper is also called the ' key to Kashmir affairs' as it is one of the leading newspapers of Kashmir which publishes all major and minor political and business-related developments of the state in its paper. Sister publications in the Kashmir Times include the Dainik Kashmir Times which is published in Hindi, and Jammu Prabhat.

Kashmir Times Newspaper PDF Download Table

The table given below contains all the links for downloading the different Kashmir Times ePaper PDF issues. These ePaper PDFs are extremely helpful not only the daily readers but also to many researchers and scholars who are conducting studies on certain related topics. It is also essential for students preparing for competitive examinations as they need to keep themselves updated with the current affairs of the state. All the links given below are free! So hurry up and surf carefully through the links listed in the table below and download the Kashmir Times ePaper PDF of your choice:

September 2023Download
August 2023Download
July 2023Download
June 2023Download
May 2023Download
April 2023Download
March 2023Download
February 2023Download
January 2023Download
December 2022Download
November 2022Download
October 2022Download



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Kashmir Times was first founded by Mr. Ved Bhasin, a prominent political activist and journalist in Jammu.

The Kashmir Times was printed for the very first time in 1954.

Kashmir Times was originally a weekly newspaper up to 1964 when it was shifted to a daily newspaper.

The present executive editor of the Kashmir Times is Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal, the daughter of the founder of the Kashmir Times, Ved Bhasin.