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Hello friends. Welcome back! Have you been looking for various ways to download the Malayala Manorama newspaper PDF? Rest assured because today's article will provide you with a complete step-by-step guide for the Malayala Manorama free newspaper download method. Not only that, it will also help you gain more knowledge about the newspaper itself.

If you are someone who speaks Malayalam, this newspaper is a must-read for you. It has a huge reader base in India. Downloading the Malayala Manorama ePaper PDF is a much easier process than you might think. Follow the detailed steps given in the article for a smooth and quick download of the newspaper of your choice.

Reading newspapers helps one in staying updated about all the important events taking place around them. It helps one gain knowledge about current affairs and other topics. E-newspapers are easily accessible and also do not take up too much space on your device. So download the Malayala Manorama ePaper today PDF to get access to all these benefits.

 Brief Details of Malayala Manorama Newspaper

Category Name  Daily newspaper
Epaper Format  PDF
Owner  Malayala Manorama Company Limited
Founder  Kandathil Varghese Mappillai
Editor-in-chief  Mammen Mathew
Managing editors  Philip Mathew
Founded  1888
Language  Malayalam
Ceased publication  1938
Relaunched  1947
Headquarters  Kottayam, Kerala, India
Circulation  2,372,256
Website  manoramaonline & onmanorama
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How to Download the Malayala Manorama ePaper PDF 

The steps for downloading the Malayala Manorama ePaper pdf are not at all intricate. All you have to do is follow the given steps for the smooth Malayala Manorma ePaper pdf download. The downloaded version is easy to store and can be accessed at any time and place according to the convenience of the readers. You can also download the previous editions of the esteemed daily with the help of the links provided in this article. Follow the below-given steps for the Malayala Manorama ePaper PDF download:

  • First Step: Scroll down to this blog and locate the table containing several links. Each of these links is for downloading different editions of the Malayala Manorama newspaper PDF based on separate dates. You can now download multiple of these ePaper PDFs with the help of these links. 

  • Second Step: Select the exact date and also the month for which you want your Malayala Manorama free newspaper download to take place. The links are updated each morning at 7:00 A.M. so the link on top is always the link for the latest newspaper. 

  • Third Step: Now you have to begin the download process of the Malayala Manorama ePaper PDF of your choice. The download process will begin immediately, once you click on the link directly or even if you click on the download button. The download process is finished within 5-10 seconds.

  • Fourth Step: Lastly, you can sit back and enjoy reading the Malayala Manorama ePaper today PDF by accessing it through the downloads folder on your device. You can edit, store, and share it according to your convenience.

You can download the Malayala Manorama ePaper PDF of your choice with the help of the table of links provided below. Once downloaded, you can make modifications to the ePaper PDF based on your requirements. You can highlight, add text, and comments and also change the fonts of the ePaper PDF with the help of a decent PDF reader. This feature is of great help to students preparing for competitive examinations. Browse carefully through the long list of links and find out the specific date and month for which you want to download your Malayala Manorama newspaper PDF.

More About Malayala Manorama Newspaper

The Malayala Manorama newspaper is India's second most popular and widely read newspaper published in the Malayalam language. Currently, it has a huge readership in India and therefore has a circulation of over 1.9 million copies daily. It is also India's second oldest Malayalam language newspaper. It started its first publication in the year 1890, from Kottayam, a place in the southwestern part of the Indian state of Kerala. It used to be a weekly newspaper during the initial years of its publication but later changed to a daily newspaper in 1928. The Malayala Manorama newspaper is currently owned by Malayala Manorama Company Ltd which is headquartered in Kottayam, Kerala. At present times, the chief editor of this esteemed daily is Mammen Mathew. 

Why Should You Switch To E-Newspapers?

Traditional newspapers have several drawbacks when compared to e-newspapers at present. As our world is rapidly changing and adopting digital methods for almost everything, online newspapers have also become much more convenient in today's world. Let us see why most people these days prefer downloading the ePaper PDFs of newspapers instead of reading the printed versions.

E-newspapers are newspapers in digital format. The layout is usually the same as printed newspapers. The difference is that they can be accessed at any time and place by opening it on your device. ePaper PDFs do not require an active internet connection for accessing them and they are also super lightweight and easy to store. There is no physical paper involved and it reduces paper wastage and contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. Also, there is no cost of printing and delivery involved and thus e-newspapers are usually much more economical to the readers. ePaper PDFs also offer more interactive features to the readers like innovative editing options, hyperlinks, etc.

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Today, the Malayala Manorama ePaper PDF download process has become super quick and uncomplicated. You can effortlessly download the ePaper PDF of your choice by following the detailed steps provided above and by surfing through the table of links present in the article. The links are updated so that the most recent news is made available to our readers right in the morning. You can edit the ePaper PDF as per your wish and can also store multiple of these as they do not take too much of your device's space and are lightweight. Reading e-newspapers every day can help develop a good habit of reading the news daily. So download the Malayala Manorama ePaper PDF easily and quickly today!

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