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Nava Telangana Epaper Pdf Free Download

About Nava Telangana Newspaper & Company

TypeDaily ePaper (Newspaper)
FormatBroadsheet, PDF
OwnerNot owned by a business
PublisherNavatelangana Publishing House
Founded21 March 2015
Head QuartersHyderabad, Telangana
CirculationDaily 323,198 unit (as of Jan-June 2017)

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Nava Telangana PDF – June 2021

June 2021:

17 Feb 2021:
16 Feb 2021:
15 Feb 2021:
14 Feb 2021:
13 Feb 2021:
12 Feb 2021:
11 Feb 2021:
10 Feb 2021:
09 Feb 2021:
08 Feb 2021:
07 Feb 2021:
06 Feb 2021:
05 Feb 2021:
04 Feb 2021:
03 Feb 2021:
02 Feb 2021:
01 Feb 2021:

Nava Telangana PDF – Jan 2021

31 Jan 2021:
30 Jan 2021:
29 Jan 2021:
28 Jan 2021:
27 Jan 2021:
26 Jan 2021:
25 Jan 2021:
24 Jan 2021:
23 Jan 2021:
22 Jan 2021:
21 Jan 2021:
20 Jan 2021:
19 Jan 2021:
18 Jan 2021:
17 Jan 2021:
16 Jan 2021:
15 Jan 2021:
14 Jan 2021:
13 Jan 2021:
12 Jan 2021:
11 Jan 2021:
10 Jan 2021:
09 Jan 2021:
08 Jan 2021:
07 Jan 2021:
06 Jan 2021:
05 Jan 2021:
04 Jan 2021:
03 Jan 2021:
02 Jan 2021:
01 Jan 2021:

Nava Telangana PDF – Dec 2020

31 Dec 2020:
30 Dec 2020:
29 Dec 2020:
28 Dec 2020:
27 Dec 2020:
26 Dec 2020:
25 Dec 2020:
24 Dec 2020:
23 Dec 2020:
22 Dec 2020:
21 Dec 2020:
20 Dec 2020:
19 Dec 2020:
18 Dec 2020:
17 Dec 2020:
16 Dec 2020:
15 Dec 2020:
14 Dec 2020:
13 Dec 2020:
12 Dec 2020:
11 Dec 2020:
10 Dec 2020:
09 Dec 2020:
08 Dec 2020:
07 Dec 2020:
06 Dec 2020:
05 Dec 2020:
04 Dec 2020:
03 Dec 2020:
02 Dec 2020:
01 Dec 2020:

About Nava Telangana Newspaper

Nava Telangana is a Telugu language newspaper in the Indian Country of Telangana. It’s printed in Karimnagar, Khammam, Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Warangal, and Mahabub Nagar. The newspaper is also accessible online. It’s the Sole Telugu newspaper not possessed by a Small Business.

Nava Telangana Epaper Today thorough Telugu every day. The geographic Telangana that surfaced attained Samasamaja Telangana. This soil saturated with tears, tears, and blood wasn’t only for your areas of Telangana. It’s a very long fantasy of those people of Telangana country to be more liberated of some persecution and wicked forces. The first objective of all ‘Nava Telangana’ will be always to work collectively to your recognition of the invention. The first goal with the magazine will be to set out on the new chapter onto the soil of Telangana. ‘Nava Telangana’ can be really a month to get advice on several different themes and approaches about distinct communities.

It succeeds in supplying news, investigation, and advanced reports at a new outlook, and of course that the facts, it’s the responsibility of all ‘Navatelangana’ to expose that the log that’s hidden at the rear of those specifics. In-forms maybe not only this material at the front of the display screen but likewise behind the scenes ministries. News isn’t simply news, the true backdrop behind this news is amazing news. It’s incumbent on him to offer himself and also to the advantage of these people. Paves how to journalism to strengthen the overall living requirements of these people.

The cruel manner I tackle these will most likely upset her little. Manifeste politics arouses power, dynamism, and imagination. Market, commerce isn’t untouchable. Market magical tricks aren’t prohibited tells the constructive tendency within them. Truly examines plots that rob people in their own labor from the title of evolution. The current market isn’t powerful, but it’s really powerful for the advantage of their people. That really is really a new fad for Telangana. The lifeblood of people transporting new expects. It’s a station that caters to the contemporary desires of those people, that are distributed across countless cities and cities.

A stage to know the testimony of a lot of extraterrestrial beings. The entire globe is shifting in direction of Telangana regional particulars. The soil here, the speech here, ” the civilization here, ” the literature here could be that the epitome of all ‘Navatelangana’. Explore, restaurants, jobs, festivals, festivals, and festivals… every one Telangana ‘Navatelangana’ in particular. On one note, ‘Nava Telangana’ can be really a million Oz.

Why Nava Telangana Newspaper?

This newspaper aims at supplying information and advanced posts. Nava Telangana functions using a motto to discover the truth behind the news. This newspaper includes several news analysis posts that are popular amongst individuals of Telangana. This newspaper also tries to utilize the ability of journalism as a way to enhance the lifestyles of individuals and also to create an awareness of them.

Nava Telangana Epaper Today supplies a stage for those people in cities to share their grievances and also make their voices heard. Aside from that, the newspaper also provides federal and global news and other content associated with sports, tasks, restaurants, background, entertainment, and festivals. The exceptional characteristic of Nava Telangana is it releases world information as seen from the regional perspective. Nava Telangana newspaper covers each this news on its own e-paper. The e-paper utilizes Telugu since the medium of communicating.

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