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Brief Details of Orissapost Newspaper

Editions: Bhubaneswar
Language: English
Website: http://odishapostepaper.com/
Frequency: Daily Epaper
Country: India
Registration: Not Required
Price: Free

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About Orissapost Newspaper

Odisha has a rich and ancient history, but not many newspapers and journals are here to cover it at the moment. Orissapost is a new and rapidly growing newspaper publication house that can authentically capture political, social and cultural news in the crisp and beautiful Oriya language.

Orissapost started its publication journey on the first of April 2011 and very quickly became one of the most popular newspapers in the regional language in East India. It has been praised for its extraordinary coverage of unseen International stories as well as articles that cover issues like women empowerment, economic recession, the latest corporate news, health and fitness, etc.

Orissapost successfully publishes anecdotes of traditional events and festivities as well as any new happenings that adorn the main cities of Odisha. It also has pages dedicated to the upliftment of small businesses like bakeries, cafes, or boutiques that might have sprung up in Bhubaneswar or Cuttack. The publication centers for Orissapost indeed include both these cities along with Khurda and Puri.

Orissapost ePaper PDF Download List

The latest Orissapost issue is updated automatically on our website between 7:00 am and 8:00 am every day. This beautiful newspaper is distributed in many corners of the country outside of the Orissa state - however, if indeed you cannot find a distributor in your region, you can always trust this website as we are open to readers from all countries and nationalities. Select any Orissapost newspaper PDF of your choice from this exhaustive list below. 

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Popular Newspapers From Odisha That Are Must Read Today

Orissapost is not the only newspaper you should be covering as a student enthusiast in regional journalism in Odisha. Several other newspapers are indeed worth mentioning and studying in this context which include:

  • Sambad: One of the oldest Oriya newspapers, Sambad was first published in 1984 in Bhubaneswar. Today it is distributed from many cities across the state including Bhubaneswar, Cuttack Rourkela Sambalpur Jajpur Jaypore Balasore Berhampur and Angul. The founder editor of Sambad was Soumya Ranjan Patnaik. Sambad is an essential read for students who are preparing for state examinations in Odisha, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal. We even encourage them to follow archived articles on Sambad to get a better idea of regional politics.

  • Dharitri: Another heritage newspaper, Dharitri is published daily in the Oriya language from the city of Bhubaneswar. The newspaper was first launched on 24th November 1974 by the Samajbadi Society. Those who want to read the physical copy can get 150 INR, 3 months at 450 INR, 6 months at 900 INR and one year at 1800 INR. If you want to read the free ePaper however, just head on to the homepage of ePaperPDFHub and locate our online index of archived Dharitri copies.

  • Sakala: Sakala has been commended for being the fastest-growing newspaper publication in Odisha at the moment. This initiative is but a darling baby of our readers, having launched during the pandemic on first December 2020. The founder editor Dr Umakanta Mishra continues to edit regional, national and international news articles with great capacity to make sure only factual and neutral content reaches the readers for them to make their own independent opinions out of. Check out free ePaper PDF samples at the official website

  • Pragativadi: The newspaper aims to cover every single corner of Odisha including coastal Odisha, Western Odisha and North-South Odisha. Pragativadi also has a very active news website where it publishes free online news articles for enthusiasts to follow daily. Pragativadi is an essential read because of its refreshing take on national and international events. Some of the best journalists in the Oriya language are currently writing for the Pragativadi newspaper. You will find high quality copies of this publication in our free digital library.


Orissapost has a versatile and interesting history that every reader can be proud of. It has made a name for itself for its impeccable journalling and storytelling among all eastern Indian publications that cover regional socio-political news. How was your experience reading this newspaper and what made you a regular reader? Don't forget to let us know in the comment section below.

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You can download free ePaper PDF file of the latest Orissapost issue on EpaperPDFHub hub.

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Orissapost is a relatively new publication that commenced distribution on 1st April 2011.

Yes, Orissapost has an official website where the latest Epapers are made available to the public in online mode for convenient reading.