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Brief Details of Prajasakti Newspaper

Type Daily
Format Print, online
Owner(s) Communist Party of India
Publisher Communist Party of India
Founded 1981
Political alignment Far Left
Language Telugu

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How to Download the Prajasakti ePaper PDF?

The Prajasakti ePaper PDF can now be downloaded with a few quick steps. Each step of the download process has been explained in the simplest language below. This 5-second process is going to help you get access to high-quality Prajasakti newspaper PDFs for free. You can download as many ePaper PDFs as you want. The ePaper PDF will contain not only texts but also informative images, charts, and tables. These newspaper PDFs are also easy to store as they don't take up much of the storage space of your device. For downloading the Prajasakti ePaper PDF, you will require a good internet connection on your laptop or smartphone, along with a preinstalled app for accessing the downloaded newspaper PDF. So let us now take a closer look at the Prajasakti ePaper PDF download steps:

  • The first step involves finding the table of links by scrolling down on this article. This table has several links that have been arranged in order from the older to the newer issues of the Prajasakti newspaper. 

  • Browse carefully through the links provided in the table. Locate the particular issue of the Prajasakti ePaper PDF that you were searching for from the table. The links for downloading the older issues of the newspaper are towards the end of the table while the recent issues are towards the top.

  • Once you've found the exact link for the required Prajasakti newspaper PDF issue, proceed by clicking on the download link button. As soon as you do so, the download process will begin immediately. Tor Prajasakti ePaper PDF won't get downloaded within 3-5 seconds.

  • The Prajasakti free newspaper PDF download process has been completed. You can now access the downloaded ePaper PDF whenever and wherever you want simply by double-clicking on the ePaper PDF. 

About Prajasakti Newspaper

Prajasakti is a daily Telugu newspaper that is published and circulated mainly in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and has twelve editions namely- Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Ananthapura, Khammam, Rajamahendravaram, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Srikakulam, Khammam, Ongole, Kurnool and Karimnagar editions. The newspaper is run by the Communist Party of India. It is also a part of the group which is headed by prominent journalists of the state called the Prajasakti Sahithee Samastha. Prajasakti was started during the freedom struggle and only started being published as a daily from 1945. After facing immense repression from the British government, the Prajasakti newspaper could only function independently as a weekly from 1969 and again as a daily from 1981. At present the headquarters of the Prajasakti newspaper is located in Hyderabad. Prajasakti is known for discussing the hardships faced by the oppressed classes, especially the working classes, and is popular among middle-class Telugu readers. It strives for a democratic and secular society, promoting only progressive values in its paper. It successfully brings out all issues related to corruption in the pages of its daily paper.

Prajasakti Newspaper PDF Download Table

The table of links has been provided below. Refer to the table for downloading the different issues of the Prajasakti ePaper PDF. All the links in the following table are free. These links are updated every morning at 7 AM so that the latest updated news is always available to our readers. Browse through the links given below and download as many free Prajasakti newspaper PDFs as you want!

03 March 2024 Download
02 March 2024 Download
01 March 2024 Download
29 February 2024 Download
28 February 2024 Download
27 February 2024 Download
26 February 2024 Download
25 February 2024 Download
24 February 2024 Download
23 February 2024 Download
22 February 2024 Download
21 February 2024 Download
20 February 2024 Download
19 February 2024 Download
18 February 2024 Download
17 February 2024 Download
16 February 2024 Download
15 February 2024 Download
14 February 2024 Download
13 February 2024 Download



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The chief editor of the Prajasakti newspaper is S. Veeraiah, who is not only a well-known journalist but also a politician of Telangana.

Prajasakti was started even before India gained its independence. It was started in 1942 but only began as an independent daily in 1981.

The Prajasakti newspaper is owned and run by the Communist Party of India. It is published by the Prajasakti Printers and Publishers Pvt Ltd.

The name of the popular Telugu newspaper Prajasakti means- ‘ the power of the people’. It is known to always represent the struggles of the oppressed people of our society.