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Brief Details of Sakal Newspaper

TYPE Daily newspaper
FORMAT Broadsheet
OWNER(S) Sakal Media Group
PUBLISHER Sakal Media Group
FOUNDED 1 January 1932
HEADQUARTERS 595, Budhwar Peth, PuneMaharashtra, India
CIRCULATION 1,337,901 Daily(as of Jul – Dec 2015)

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Latest Sakal ePaper PDF 2023

Here is the ultimate list of Sakal free ePaper PDF copies! The latest Sakal ePaper today PDF will be uploaded on this table automatically between 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. today. All you need to access this PDF file is a phone with few MB free space and a suitable PDF reader. 

History Of ePapers In India

The origin of the ePaper PDF system of reading newspapers has indeed made the process of keeping up with the latest news a lot more efficient and convenient for busy individuals. The first online newspaper in India was published in 1995. This newspaper was The Hindu. 

Indian Online Journalism started as a news group in 1999. This group was initially formed to discuss the changing nature of journalism in a world of virtual media. While this site does not exist anymore, it played a huge role in creating new journalistic styles in India and realising the importance of taking newspapers to a digital platform. 

Today online journalism comes in many forms, and most newspaper titles with their own websites believe in publishing additional blogs, articles and social media posts about the latest happenings along with releasing the official newspaper in online mode.

On an international level, the first method of online journalism known as teletext started in the UK in 1970. Uss started a few similar videotex systems in 1981 which closed by 1986. After the first commercial release of web browsers like Internet Explorer in 1995 and Netscape Navigator in 1994, the demand for online newspapers suddenly increased.

The first digital copy of a newspaper ever published on the Internet was The Columbus Dispatch. A study conducted by Dasa Nováciková titled the 'Cultural Message Through Specific Characteristics Of New Media' studied the changes made in how newspaper copies were published back then compared to those published now. From a simple HTML copy, we have come a long way to news blogs, independent journalism, and even online subscriptions for a lifetime of PDF newspaper issues. 

The benefits of digital journalism have not gone unnoticed. Less production cost, more freedom in print, and diverse technological tools have made it impossible to ignore this amazing method of publishing news. 

More About Sakal: Top Marathi Newspaper

Sakal ePaper PDF is a colorful copy loaded with small, crisp news articles and good-quality images. It also covers some titles for the pure entertainment of readers. It is a daily newspaper published by the Sakal Media Group which is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. It is one of the biggest Marathi newspapers to be circulated in the world. The two similar sister newspapers published by this group are titled Sakal Times and Agrowon. 

The history of Sakal Newspaper goes right back to the pre-independence period. It was founded by doctor Nanasaheb Purulekar whose aim was to bring independent, nationalist journalism to the daily readers of Maharashtra. He was influenced by the newspapers of a similar style published in America. It's original focus was on Mahatma Gandhi and other freedom fighters and what they were doing for the development and freedom of the nation. 

Sakal maintained a successful team of journalists even after independence and had full-time correspondence from every neighborhood in Maharashtra by the 1960s, with each of them having their own telephone! Sakal therefore paved the way to modern journalism not only in Maharashtra but all over India. After that of Dr. N.P. in 1973, the establishment passed on Pratap Pawar.

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