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Brief Details Siasat ePaper PDF

Type Daily ePaper (Newspaper)
Formate Broadsheet, PDF
Owner Zahid Ali Khan
Founder Zahid Ali Khan
Publisher Zahid Ali Khan
Editor Amer Ali Khan
Founded 1949
Language Urdu
Head Quarters Hyderabad, Telangana
Circulation Daily 43,383 Copy

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Everything To Know About The Siasat

Siasat Daily is a quality Urdu daily newspaper and weekly magazine that is published in the city of Hyderabad under the Siasat Press. Although focusing on Hyderabad, this is a national newspaper that covers political, social, and entertainment news from a neutral viewpoint and admits different thoughts and opinions from readers as well as journalists from across the country.

Siasat Daily was first published on 15th August 1949 and has been a successful newspaper title ever since then. The newspaper was founded after Hyderabad was annexed and made a part of the Republic of India. The two men who founded this prominent newspaper are Abid Ali Khan and Mahboob Hussain Jigar. Throughout history time and again Siasat daily PDF has had to face criticism for a so-called anti-nationalist view. Even then it continues to be one of the most friendly and informative news outlets in India.

The digital presence that led to the subsequent creation of the Siasat daily newspaper PDF first started in 1998 when Siasat Press launched a digital website for this newspaper. The newspaper was among the first Indian titles to adopt an e-paper publication officially. After the death of Mujtaba Hussain in 2020, Siasat Daily set up and started operating a separate digital website dedicated to his life and work.

Siasat PDF Download Table 2023

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The History Of Journalism In India: About And Beyond Newspapers

Journalism in India has always been closely connected to political movements, reforms, entertainment, and social awareness. Like Britain, many leading journalists, authors and prominent novelists have published stories, poems and columns in newspapers and magazines since the late 19th century. In India, newspapers and today online journalism blogs continue to be the main source of reading for a series of workers and students in the country. 

James Augustus Hicky first published the Bengal Gazette in 1780. The newspaper could only last for 2 years before the British colonial government banned it for its numerous criticisms of how government policies in India were conducted. About 45 years later, on 30th May the first Hindi language newspaper for the general public was published under the name Udant Martand. This was a weekly newspaper also published from Calcutta. The editor and writer of this newspaper was none other than Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla. Journalism was further curbed through several regulation acts enacted in pre-independence India including the Metcalfe Act of 1835. Such laws were further enforced in 1857 after the Mutiny under the Licensing Act and in 1878 under the Vernacular Press Act. 

Surprisingly, as regulations began to be put up, journalists and readers understood the importance of newspapers and they became a primary source of news and awareness regarding the freedom movement. From 1910 to 1947, open and underground newspapers with the contribution of hundreds of nameless journalists continue to circulate across India.

In post-independence India, the first Press Commission was set up under Justice Rajadhyaksha in 1954. In 1995 s started to be uploaded on the Internet and the Indian Online Journalism forum began in 1999. This was the period of time when news circulation started to diffuse from a strict journalistic responsibility to something that anyone could publish on social media. Today there are many legitimate social media newsgroups and pages that publish bite-sized news with context.

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