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About Suryaa Newspaper & Company

TypeDaily ePaper (Newspaper)
FormatBroadsheet, PDF
OwnerNukarapu Surya Prakash Rao
FounderNukarapu Surya Prakash Rao
PublisherSPR Publications Pvt Ltd Prakasam
EditorNukarapu Surya Prakash Rao
LanguageTelugu, English
Head QuartersHyderabad, India
CirculationDaily 312,665 unit (as of Jan-June 2017)

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Suryaa PDF – June 2021

June 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
June 2021 Telangana:

17 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
17 Feb 2021 Telangana:
16 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
16 Feb 2021 Telangana:
15 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
15 Feb 2021 Telangana:
14 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
14 Feb 2021 Telangana:
13 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
13 Feb 2021 Telangana:
12 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
12 Feb 2021 Telangana:
11 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
11 Feb 2021 Telangana:
10 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
10 Feb 2021 Telangana:
09 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
09 Feb 2021 Telangana:
08 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
08 Feb 2021 Telangana:
07 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
07 Feb 2021 Telangana:
06 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
06 Feb 2021 Telangana:
05 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
05 Feb 2021 Telangana:
04 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
04 Feb 2021 Telangana:
03 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
03 Feb 2021 Telangana:
02 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
02 Feb 2021 Telangana:
01 Feb 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
01 Feb 2021 Telangana:

Suryaa PDF – Jan 2021

31 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
31 Jan 2021 Telangana:
30 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
30 Jan 2021 Telangana:
29 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
29 Jan 2021 Telangana:
28 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
28 Jan 2021 Telangana:
27 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
27 Jan 2021 Telangana:
26 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
26 Jan 2021 Telangana:
25 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
25 Jan 2021 Telangana:
24 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
24 Jan 2021 Telangana:
23 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
23 Jan 2021 Telangana:
22 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
22 Jan 2021 Telangana:
21 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
21 Jan 2021 Telangana:
20 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
20 Jan 2021 Telangana:
19 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
19 Jan 2021 Telangana:
18 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
18 Jan 2021 Telangana:
17 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
17 Jan 2021 Telangana:
16 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
16 Jan 2021 Telangana:
15 Jan 2021:
14 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
14 Jan 2021 Telangana:
13 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
13 Jan 2021 Telangana:
12 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
12 Jan 2021 Telangana:
11 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
11 Jan 2021 Telangana:
10 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
10 Jan 2021 Telangana:
09 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
09 Jan 2021 Telangana:
08 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
08 Jan 2021 Telangana:
07 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
07 Jan 2021 Telangana:
06 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
06 Jan 2021 Telangana:
05 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
05 Jan 2021 Telangana:
04 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
04 Jan 2021 Telangana:
03 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
03 Jan 2021 Telangana:
02 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
02 Jan 2021 Telangana:
01 Jan 2021 Andhra Pradesh:
01 Jan 2021 Telangana:

Suryaa PDF – Dec 2020

31 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
31 Dec 2020 Telangana:
30 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
30 Dec 2020 Telangana:
29 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
29 Dec 2020 Telangana:
28 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
28 Dec 2020 Telangana:
27 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
27 Dec 2020 Telangana:
26 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
26 Dec 2020 Telangana:
25 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
25 Dec 2020 Telangana:
24 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
24 Dec 2020 Telangana:
23 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
23 Dec 2020 Telangana:
22 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
22 Dec 2020 Telangana:
21 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
21 Dec 2020 Telangana:
20 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
20 Dec 2020 Telangana:
19 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
19 Dec 2020 Telangana:
18 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
18 Dec 2020 Telangana:
17 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
17 Dec 2020 Telangana:
16 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
16 Dec 2020 Telangana:
15 Dec 2020 Telangana:
15 Dec 2020 Telangana:
14 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
14 Dec 2020 Telangana:
13 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
13 Dec 2020 Telangana:
12 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
12 Dec 2020 Telangana:
11 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
11 Dec 2020 Telangana:
10 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
10 Dec 2020 Telangana:
09 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
09 Dec 2020 Telangana:
08 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
08 Dec 2020 Telangana:
07 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
07 Dec 2020 Telangana:
06 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
06 Dec 2020 Telangana:
05 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
05 Dec 2020 Telangana:
04 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
04 Dec 2020 Telangana:
03 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
03 Dec 2020 Telangana:
02 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
02 Dec 2020 Telangana:
01 Dec 2020 Andhra Pradesh:
01 Dec 2020 Telangana:

Suryaa epaper Download Links In PDF

Here we have shared the download link of this Suryaa Epaper in PDF format. We will update the webpage every day following 07:00 am. In case you have any issues associated with downloading, please remark us under [email protected]

About Suryaa Newspaper

Suryaa Epaper is now an extremely favorite Telegu paper published around Andhra Pradesh. Launched in 1974 during the Ramoji team Suryaa’s increase into the surface was not instantaneous. In the beginning, Suryaa fought to develop into an everyday paper because it marginally commanded to market 3,000 copies inside the whole week. However, with the time that the paper’s persistent attempts to shine one of distinct assisted it draws a readership approximately inch, 13,” 49,000. Known reasons for celebrity: Suryaa Epaper has always been recognized for quite a paper using robust political remarks.

It shifted into the paper’s political perspectives that caused a different Authorities at Andhra Pradesh. Regulars of all Suryaa additionally obey the economic and financial pillars submitted on weekdays. A paper that shifted to fighting in a point in its own first times has correctly exceeded Andhra Prabha to arise whilst the most browse paper from Andhra Pradesh. Growth of marketing and promotion in Suryaa: Suryaa may be your most renowned regional paper and also the maximum circulated paper in the nation. Statistics such as these by yourself induce advertisers to banner adverts while in the Suryaa Epaper in a typical foundation.

To add to the Suryaa is dispersed in cities including Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai as those entrepreneurs may reach additional competent customers. S Contest: Telegu papers such as Andhra Prabha and also Sakshi would be both biggest opponents of Suryaa at Andhra Pradesh. Deccan Chronicle and occasions of India assignment Suryaa Epaper total multitasking to a national grade. The total bet of Ramoji Rao along with Family at Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited is currently 97.56 percent, whereas Ramoji retains 42.26 percent, his eldest son Cherukuri Kiron retains 28.36percent along with his own daughter-in-law,” Cherukuri Vijayeswari retains 25.38 percent.

Why Suryaa Newspaper?

This enlightening article will likely undoubtedly be helpful for several IAS aspirants who will be on a Civil Services evaluation in Hindi moderate. Ab muscles stark reality may be that the simple fact for Hindi moderate applicants you will scarcely track down some Hindi paper which may go well with the grade and also the quality of the Roman paper. By expressing this we only indicate there’s not such a paper in the market place that can supply one each one the serious news related to each one the locations like ‘Suryaa Epaper’.

To find ready with this particular IAS test, you have must know higher than only two Hindi papers. So it is really a bit uninteresting for Hindi moderate faculty pupils as so on since it’s to perform present occasions. The most breathtaking tune will most likely be conveniently found InAll Hindi papers, but if we talk about the parameters of UPSC, then it truly is totally assorted. You have not contested dilemmas instantly in UPSC, they may demand you anything, and so you can’t be able to navigate most of the news headlines with this paper.

From the perspective of the UPSC evaluation, there is really confined space to find important study material out of Hindi papers which are given that they simply publish the news headlines which is of use or tremendously important inside their own mind. That is certainly the main reason the occupation of collecting information from various tools is yours and we will permit you to understand the manner.

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This e-paper is shared just for the educational purpose of the students. We suggest that if you can subscribe to the paid version then please do not download the pdf out of here. You can visit the Suryaa official website and purchase the Suryaa paid version and encourage the writer. Otherwise, the grade of this newspaper will deteriorate.

We are not the owner of this paper and we are sharing the downloadable link, which is already available on the official website. This copy is only published for educational purposes.

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