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Brief Details of Telegraph Newspaper

Type Daily ePaper (Newspaper)
Formate Broadsheet, PDF
Owner ABP Group
Founder Arthur B. Sleigh
Publisher media group Ananda Publishers
Editor Arup Sarkar
Founded 7 July 1982, 37 years ago
Language English
Head Quarters 6, Prafulla Sarkar Street, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Circulation Daily 401,083 (as of July–December 2018)
OCLC 271717941

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How To Download The Telegraph ePaper Today PDF

There is a lot of demand in the market for The Telegraph newspaper. This is an amazing creation behind which stands an army of scientists, journalists, political experts, and human rights activists who work hard day and night to give the paper its shape. Users incomplete The Telegraph PDF download on this website by following the given steps:

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  • Select the issue of The Telegraph paper that you wish to access.
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 The Telegraph PDF Download - Find the Latest Issue Here

Download The Telegraph ePaper PDF from the list of links given below. This list allows users to not only access the latest The Telegraph issue, but also the past issues which may provide valuable information to regular readers, academicians, and scholars. The paper in PDF format is easy to download and easy to use and the only prerequisite that a user needs to have is a PDF reader already installed in the device that the user is currently possessing. The PDF format makes it easy to take notes and highlight and annotate important news articles for future reference.

 More To Know About The Telegraph

The Telegraph India has its headquarters in Kolkata and has been publishing consistent news since the 7th of July 1982. The parent group behind this newspaper is the ABP group and the parent team is an association of various journalists who come together to create politically and socially oriented news literature for any regional or national situation all over India. The newspaper broadly includes an international perspective neutral tone while at the same time having a strong preference for social scientific literature, human rights activism, socialist ideas, and integrated but essential political opinions for which the newspaper has reserved a special section. The Telegraph has a special focus on big cities like Kolkata and Chennai for which it releases news, travel anecdotes, lifestyle articles, food reviews, etc. The Telegraph also releases a newspaper for students known as the Edugraph.

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