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About The Tribune Newspaper

Type Daily ePaper (Newspaper)
Formate Broadsheet, PDF
Owner Tribune Trust
Founder Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia
Publisher Tribune Trust
Editor Rajesh Ramachandran
Founded 2 February 1881
Language English
Head Quarters Chandigarh, India (previously Ambala)
Circulation Daily 1,75,944 copies

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How To Download The Tribune Epaper Today PDF?

The Tribune is an esteemed newspaper of India that is published daily in the English language. It was founded in the late 1800s and has been published every day since then. Today, it is circulated worldwide. It is widely trusted by all the people of our country. Downloading the Tribune Epaper PDF is a hassle-free process. You can simply download the Tribune Epaper Today PDF and access it online. You can also keep it saved for future reference. Follow the steps given below for the quick Tribune Epaper PDF download:

  • Firstly, you need to scroll down this blog until you find the table of links containing the link for downloading the Tribune Epaper PDF.

  • Select the date and month of your choice from the table of links. If you want to download the latest Tribune Epaper Today PDF, then click on the link at the top.

  • After you have chosen the Tribune Epaper PDF of your choice, simply click on the download button or click on the link. The download process will automatically begin. The Tribune Epaper PDF download will finish within 5 seconds.

  • Finally, all you need to do is just simply open the Tribune Epaper PDF of your choice and read it online.

Download The Tribune Epaper PDF

The links for downloading the newspapers are updated here every morning at 7:00 a.m. This is done so that the latest news is delivered to our readers without any delay. Once downloaded, the paper PDF can be accessed whenever and wherever one wants and does not require an internet connection for accessing the newspaper. Downloading the Epaper in PDF format enables the readers to easily analyze, edit and also highlight the important parts of the newspaper as per the requirements of the reader. All one needs is the downloaded PDF format of the newspaper of your choice, a PDF reader and a stable internet connection. The Tribune Epaper PDF can be very useful for UPSC aspirants, students attempting competitive exams, journalists and others who need quality information. Browse carefully through the following table of links to download the Tribune Epaper PDF of your choice:

More About The Tribune Newspaper

The Tribune is a popular and much-respected newspaper in India which has a long history. The publication of this esteemed newspaper first started in the February of the 1880s. It was first founded by Sardar Dyal Singh Majithia. Currently, it is a daily newspaper in India that is published in the English language and is run by a trust with a total of five trustees. Today it is circulated throughout multiple countries of the world. It is a major newspaper in the northern states of the country like Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, etc. This newspaper also has two sister publications. They are- the Dainik Tribune, which is in Hindi and the Punjabi Tribune, which is in the Punjabi language. The Chief editor of The Tribune currently is Rajesh Ramachandran. The editor of the Hindi version of the newspaper is Naresh Kaushal, whereas the editor of the Punjabi version is Swaraj B. Singh. He is also a very popular and important Punjabi playwright. The online version of all three newspapers is available today and was launched almost a decade ago. The English, Hindi and Punjabi Tribune newspapers are owned and published by the Tribune Trust.

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Advantages Of Free Online The Tribune Epaper PDF Download 

The Tribune Epaper PDF offers the best national as well as global news. You will find all the latest and vital major and minor news of importance in the Tribune Epaper PDF and will be aware of all the changes occurring around us. The Tribune Epaper PDF provides the highest quality images along with the original content. Reading the Tribune Epaper Today PDF has many advantages and they are listed below:

  • Better interaction with the paper: The Tribune Epaper PDF allows the readers to directly interact with the papers. They can now highlight the important parts and also leave comments. They can also add their written parts to the Epaper pdf as per their requirements. All this can be done easily at any place or time, simply through a few clicks on the smartphone. News is at the fingertips of people. Epaper PDFs are also free of cost. 

  • Getting access to old newspapers: Often there is a need to get newspapers of previous dates of the week, month, or even the year for preparation for competitive exams or other reasons. You can easily get access to The Tribune Epaper PDF of previous dates through a few simple clicks. On the other hand,  getting the printed version of previous newspapers is a hefty task. One needs to get the permission of a librarian for doing so. 

  • Compatible on all devices: The Tribune Epaper PDF is compatible with all devices which include Android, iOS and Mac. It is very lightweight but also offers high quaint text, images and chats, etc. It is easier for everyone to access the Tribune Epaper PDF which offers detailed information and images for studying or reading purposes.  It is also free of cost. 


The Tribune Epaper PDF download process has become very easy and simple today. You can also download the epapers of the previous dates. The process is easy and quick. The Tribune Epaper PDF provides all the important global and national news of importance and brings us the news of all the major changes occurring around us. Out is one of the most trusted newspapers in the country. Download The Tribune Epaper PDF Today to access the latest news!

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