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In today's article, we will be discussing a few simple steps that will help you to easily download the Vaartha ePaper today pdf of your choice so that you will be able to access it at any place and time conveniently, that too without having to pay any cost. We will also talk more about its origin and history and about its circulation at present times.

After reading this article, you will not only be aware of the simple methods through which you will be able to download the Vaartha ePaper pdf quickly and efficiently, but you will also get to know a lot more about the esteemed newspaper itself. Today we will also talk about the various benefits or perks of choosing ePaper PDFs over offline newspapers. 

About Vaartha Newspaper

FOUNDED 1 March 1996
HEADQUARTERS Hyderabad, India
Girish Sanghi, Founder

Vaartha ePaper PDF Download – Vaartha Newspaper Download

Newspaper Name Vaartha
ePaper Format PDF file
Category name Telugu Newspaper
Printed language Telugu
Vaartha Official site


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How to download Vaartha ePaper pdf ?

Vaartha newspaper is published in Telugu and it is a daily newspaper in many Telugu-speaking parts of our country. It is widely circulated in Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra, etc. Vaartha ePaper pdf download is super simple and uncomplicated. The ePaper is very lightweight and does not require much space. It can easily be edited and also saved for future reference. Follow the steps provided below to download the Vaartha ePaper pdf smoothly and efficiently:

  • Scroll down below to locate the table of links. The table of links contains not only the links to the latest Vaartha ePaper pdf, but also contains the links for downloading the older editions up to almost a year ago.
  • Carefully Choose the date and month for which you require the Vaartha ePaper pdf, and then click on the download button or simply click on the link.
  • The download process will start immediately and automatically. The Vaartha ePaper pdf download will get finished within 5-10 seconds.
  • Lastly, all you need to do is open the downloaded Vaartha ePaper pdf and read it wherever and whenever you need!

Latest Vaartha ePaper Pdf Download 

The Vaartha ePaper Pdf Download process has become much easier with the help of the links that are provided below in the links table. The table of links consists of links for both the most recent Vaartha ePaper pdf and also consists of links for downloading the older editions of the same newspaper. This sometimes becomes super helpful for those who need the papers for competitive exams or by researchers and scholars. The links are updated every single morning so that the most recently updated news is made available to our readers. Browse carefully through the table of links below and choose the Vaartha ePaper pdf of your choice safely. 

03 March 2024 Download
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01 March 2024 Download
29 February 2024 Download
28 February 2024 Download
27 February 2024 Download
26 February 2024 Download
25 February 2024 Download
24 February 2024 Download
23 February 2024 Download
22 February 2024 Download
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16 February 2024 Download
15 February 2024 Download
14 February 2024 Download
13 February 2024 Download


More about Vaartha

Vaartha newspaper is published in the Telugu language and it is trusted widely by all Telugu speakers in both our country and also abroad. Today it has gained a huge reader base. The newspaper originates from the city of Hyderabad. It came into existence when it was founded in March of the year 1996. The name of the founder is Mr. Girish Sanghi from A.G.A Publications. The Vaartha newspaper mainly deals with all kinds of news. It includes politics, economics, business, education, sports and also entertainment. It currently has two main editions, from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It also has many other editions. Those editions include Hyderabad, Tirupati, visakhapatnam, etc.

 Benefits of Choosing Vaartha ePaper pdf 

There are several benefits of choosing Vaartha ePaper pdf. If someone were to list down the perks of choosing online editions of newspapers over offline editions, a never-ending list would have formed. Out of thousands of advantages, today we will discuss some various benefits one can have by downloading the Vaartha ePaper pdf today:

Better updates and edits: Online newspapers always provide updates on the latest news much faster than printed versions do. The printed newspaper needs more time in the collection and distribution processes and hence ultimately requires more time in bringing recent updates to people. Online newspapers provide updates immediately. ePapers also allow users to edit the online version of the newspaper easily with the help of a decent pdf reader. Readers can highlight Mark and add notes to the ePaper as required.

More environment-friendly: With the rise of global warming and also the rise in the levels of various kinds of pollution, keeping our environment clean has become our first priority. Printed newspapers often contain ink made up of harmful chemicals. A lot of paper is also used in the process. Therefore choosing the online version of newspapers over the printed newspapers is always a win-win situation.

Easy to access: As the ePaper PDFs are in an online mode, they can hence be accessed very easily at any place and time, no matter what situation you are in. Even while traveling or at the office or at home, you can easily open, read and edit your ePaper PDFs easily. The online version of newspapers does not require an instant internet connection except for the time when they are being downloaded. Carrying newspapers and magazines can many times be a hefty task. So, ePaper PDFs make these things easier.


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