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Reading newspapers is a habit that needs to be developed from a young age. Vartha Bharati is one of the best Kannada newspapers to read in India. You will get to know more about the unique history of this newspaper in today's article. You will also find out the benefits of choosing the Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF. 

Brief Details of Vartha Bharati Newspaper

Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) The Community Media Trust
Publisher Abdussalam Puthige
Editor Abdussalam Puthige
News editor B.M. Bashir
Founded 29 August 2003
Language Kannada
Headquarters Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
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About Vartha Bharathi Newspaper

Vartha Bharati is known for being one of the most trusted Kannada daily newspapers in India. It was founded by Abdussalam Puthige on 29th August 2003. He is also the publisher of this esteemed newspaper. Vartha Bharathi has received several prestigious awards over the years for its excellent work in the field of journalism. It has been awarded the Transparency International India award along with the Karnataka Literature Academy award in 2005. It has been praised by the chief editor of The Hindu for being a platform that also pays attention to the problems of the weaker sections. It is a fairly secular newspaper, even though it has mainly a Muslim management. Vartha Bharathi is often referred to as the newspaper which brought a revolution to the Indian state of Karnataka. This is because it is one of the first newspapers to provide equal representation to all the castes and communities of the society. It has given voice to the marginalized people of our country and will continue to do so in the future. Vartha Bharathi is printed from Mangalore, Shimoga, and Bangalore. You can get its printed editions and also avail the online edition easily. Vartha Bharathi also has its own news app. 

How to Download The Latest Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF?

The Vartha Bharathi ePaper Today PDF download method is very simple. It is a quick 4-step process. Each step has been explained in detail below. It will only take about 3-5 seconds to complete the entire download process. We hope that none of our readers will have to face any trouble while carrying through the Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF. However, before you begin the download process, ensure that your laptop, PC, or smartphone is connected to a good internet source. Also, make sure that you have a PDF viewer and editor app installed on your device. This will not only help you access the downloaded ePaper PDFs but also help you make changes according to your needs. Let us now take a closer look at the Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF Download process: 

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Why Choose The Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF?

The Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF offers several benefits to its readers. You can get the latest updated news through the Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF, without having to wait for the printed edition of the next day. Unlike the printed editions, you also don't have to pay money to get access to the free Vartha Bharathi Newspaper PDF. They are affordable and take very little time to download. Also, they are lightweight and thus can be stored easily on your device. Moreover, it can be an excellent source for improving your language and communication skills in Kannada. Reading it regularly can also help you significantly in making your vocabulary better. Vartha Bharathi covers all political, business, finance, crime, sports, and entertainment-related news. Reading the Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF will also help you come to terms with the issues faced by the deprived and marginalized communities of our country. 

Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF Links 2024

In the table given below, you will find all the free links that you will require to download the Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF. These links can be accessed for free. The links are updated every morning at 7 AM. Therefore, you can always find the latest issue of the Vartha Bharathi ePaper PDF on time at our website! Browse carefully through the links given below and download the ePaper PDF of your choice: 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

B.M. Bashir is the editor of the news published in the Vartha Bharathi newspaper.

The owner and publisher of the Vartha Bharathi newspaper is Abdussalam Puthige.

The Vartha Bharathi newspaper was first started on 29th August 2003.

To download the Vartha Bharathi Epaper PDF for free, scroll above to locate the table of links. Locate t the Epaper PDF issue of your choice and click on it. For more details, read the download steps provided above.