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Brief Details of Vijayavani Newspaper

Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) VRL Group
Editor Channegowda K N
Founded 2012
Headquarters Hubli, India
Free online archives

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About Vijayavani ePaper Today

The Vijayavani newspaper, owned by the VRL Group and founded by the one and only Vijay Sankeshwar, was launched in April 2012 with only three main editions under its name. Today it is one of the most trusted daily Kannada newspapers, having the good fortune of being edited by the journalistic genius K N Channegowda. These days, it is being published in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chitradurga, Kalaburgi, Shivamogga, Gangavathi, Mangaluru, Vijayapura, and more. Free online archives of this newspaper in high-quality digital format are available at 

Latest Vijayavani Free Newspaper Download Links

The Vijayavani uses great quality language to write about essential happenings at an international as well as local level. It makes use of concrete reasoning to depict factual information from which the reader can draw independent conclusions. The Vijayavani ePaper today PDF is of the highest quality, meaning every picture chart and table is visible to the reader. It is also suited for high-quality, photographic print. 

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How To Track Current Affairs As A Student?

One of the main reasons why students insist on reading multiple newspapers is to keep track of current affairs without falling prey to unsubstantial opinions. However, what most students don't know is that simply reading newspapers isn't going to help them achieve that. What they need to do is to follow the specific pattern of studying listed below:

  • Follow Old Newspapers: The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to understand a social-political situation is the context and backdrop against which the particular issue has arisen. To do so, students must read old newspaper editions to follow stories in real-time. Further, this also helps understand the changing trends in literature and media coverage over the years. ePaperPDFHub is one of the largest free internet archives for regional newspapers including old copies of the Vijayavani newspaper PDF.

  • Highlight Important News: Reading once is going to help you remember the crucial aspects of a complex geopolitical scenario that you are trying to track as a current affairs student. Especially for those preparing to give competitive examinations, it is a must that they revisit the same news bits again and again, highlighting the important areas that must be remembered. Highlighting PDF files like this Vijayavani ePaper pdf that you have just downloaded is very easy and can be done using any free PDF reader.

  • Make Notes, Cheat Sheets, and Flashcards: Open your favorite Vijayavani newspaper PDF on any academic app and you will find several features that will help you annotate your digital newspaper copy and leave notes and comments while reading. Making flashcards out of important information found on your Vijayavani copy is also possible! You can easily make a digital scrapbook of important newspaper clippings by selecting and cropping a particular section of the newspaper broadsheet and pasting it on the cheatsheet of your choice. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the lines directly on a Word file too!

  • Read Both Sides of The Story: As a student, learned to never focus on a single source of news. Focus on Factual Information and read as many different versions of the same story as possible to not only grass the differences in opinion but also steer clear of any hidden political agenda from which an independent journalist might be publishing content. Also remember that in the age of social media, it is very difficult to differentiate between information and assumption - not everyone who thinks they know the truth can scrutinize human experience nor draw conclusions from it!


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